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   Advanced staple line security, even in challenging conditions1*
There’s a lot riding on your staple line. The ECHELONTM + Stapler with GST Reloads advances staple line security to deliver fewer leakage pathways at the staple line, even in challenging conditions.1*
   Comparative claims compare Ethicon ECHELONTM+ Stapler to Medtronic SigniaTM and Endo GIATM Staplers with Tri-StapleTM Reloads.
Based on benchtop testing
*Advancing staple line security with fewer leakage pathways and less malformed staples. Fewer leakage pathways: benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤ 30mmHg (26mmHG average pressure experienced during typical leak test), comparing Ethicon ECHELON+ Stapler PSEE60A with GST Reloads GST60B to Medtronic SigniaTM and Endo GIATM Staplers with Tri-StapleTM Reloads EGIA60AMT. Cumulative number of leaked tests (0/30), (7/30) & (9/30) respectively, n=30, p < 0.05. Fewer malformed staples: benchtop testing in 3.3mm and 4.0mm porcine tissue comparing malformed staples between ECHELON+ Stapler with GST Reloads (GST60B,GST60T) to Medtronic SigniaTM Stapler with Tri-StapleTM Reloads (EGIA60AMT, EGIA60AXT) and Endo GIATM with Tri-StapleTM Reloads (EGIA60AMT, EGIA60AXT). Percentage malformed results: 1.14% vs 4.28%, p < 0.05

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